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Kind Words - Mar '21

"It feels so much better than sleep!"


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The World's Most Hypnotic CouchThe World's Most Hypnotic Couch

Care During COVID

Until further notice all Mindsci therapy will be conducted exclusively online. 

I have offered virtual therapy for more than 15 years and have delivered in excess of one million hypnotherapy sessions to over 150,000 unique patients via various digital platforms. And most of that happened when it was still possible for patients to visit my couch.

Until there’s a vaccine and we can reset to 2019, all my therapy sessions, all over the world, will be via digital platforms (Zoom/Alexa/WA/Skype/&c). This way neither of us has to be concerned about how covid-cautious we have been. Please view this page to see how it works.

You may also find useful resources - both for dealing with Coronavirus and for mainstream therapy - at my Mindsci Cafe, or via Amazon's Alexa platform (either enable Hypno Therapist or say, "Alexa, hypnotize me.")


Welcome to the Mindsci Clinic

I'm Barry Thain. I'm a Clinical Hypnotist with more than 25 years of experience in private practice, and eight years with the NHS. My consulting room is in Hampton, TW12 3NT. 

I have treated thousands of people from all over the world, for a wide range of physiological and psychological issues, from Acne to Zoophobia and all points in between.

For any kind of therapeutic hypnotism to work requires a good hypnotist and a good hypnotee. I'm a good hypnotist. We probably won't know whether you are a good hypnotee until I've taken your case history, got you on my couch and tried a few inductions to see which you do best. 

If you cannot travel - or prefer not to during the coronavirus scare - sessions can be conducted via Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger &c.

If you've seen a hypnotherapist before and got nowhere that doesn't mean you're a poor hypnotee. Most hypnotherapists don't do hypnotism. They do relaxation. Hypnosis is real. It isn't relaxation and not everyone is good at it but if you are the results can be astonishing. 

Please call me if you want to discuss how I might be able to help you. 


Please e-mail

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