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Kind Words - January '18

 I think you have a real gift for this - a force for good in this world!

Best, J~~~~~~~~

 Forensic Accountant

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Hypnotherapy has two components; 'hypno' and 'therapy'. To be a good hypnotherapist you have to be both a good hypnotist AND a great therapist.

As a therapist I treat people, not problems. I find people do not come as nice, discrete presenting symptoms that can be picked off one by one but, rather, as complex entities with a raft of interconnected issues.

So whilst I do have a reputation as a very effective hypnotist, I'm in no doubt that my abilities as a therapist contribute greatly to my patients' successful outcomes.

I have treated nearly 3,000 patients for a baffling array of physical and mental health issues too numerous to list. I've conducted more than 12,000 sessions, but I've never done the same session twice.

I've treated people as young as five and as old as 93. I've treated members of every major religion (and a few quite minor ones too) every ethnicity and every sexuality. I am the world's least judgmental person (for which I have a certificate somewhere).

How will I treat you? Other than with care and compassion, I don't know. I usually know by the time I've finished taking your case history but sometimes I don't work it out until after I've hypnotized you. That said, it's not unusual for the patient themselves to not know what they want.


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