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Kind Words - January '18

 I think you have a real gift for this - a force for good in this world!

Best, J~~~~~~~~

 Forensic Accountant

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Palace for the Cup

Neil is one of the easiest people to work with I have ever encountered. So when I heard on the radio that it was possible to progress people into future lives I asked him if I could experiment with him. I said I would just see if it worked and if it did I would wake him and then, with his agreement, do it again on camera.

I started by taking him back through the past lives we had visited before; as an infantryman in the trenches of France in the First World War, a washer-woman dieing of fever in Poole, Dorset, 1882, and a game-keeper on a Leicestershire estate, circa 1750. Neil always went to the same lives without direction from me.

I brought him back to the present and asked him to go forward in time to his next life. "Take your time and just say 'yes' when you get there." I waited for several minutes before he said 'yes.' He told me he was 19. A road sweeper in Brixton. He was miserable and felt he had no future, no prospects. It was 2093.

When he woke up his first words were "well that didn't work, then." He had no recollection of anything. I told him what he had told me and he looked at me as if I were crazy. So we did it again on camera.

This time the year was 2079. He was four. Nearly five. It was his birthday soon. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. "A new mum and dad." And he was getting them. They had visited the home where he had grown up and he had been to their house. They were buying him a school uniform because he would be going to a proper school.

He liked football. One of the teachers at the home was a Crystal Palace fan so he was too. Crystal Palace are, apparently, a really good team in 80 years time. When he grew up he wanted to drive a fire engine. He loved seeing the big yellow fire engines rushing round Brixton.

Personally I have no idea what is happening with either past life regression or future life progression and I won't be around in 78 years' time to check on the livery of the Brixton Fire Service. But I wonder what odds you could get on Palace still existing in 2080, let alone winning a trophy?


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