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Mindsci Hypnosis

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Kind Words - January '18

 I think you have a real gift for this - a force for good in this world!

Best, J~~~~~~~~

 Forensic Accountant

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Other Issues

I've treated patients with all these problems and many, many more.

  • Addictions (nicotine, alcohol, recreational drug, porn, prescription medications)

  • Anxieties (confidence, self-esteem, exam nerves, panic attacks, IBS)

  • Attention (concentration, recall, sensory chaos)

  • Behavioral Problems (obsessions, habits, aggression, decisiveness)

  • Cardio-vascular Issues (hypertension, vaso-vagal synchope)

  • Compulsive Disorders (hygiene, checking, 'or-else') 

  • Eating Control (obesity, anorexia, bulimia, snacking, fussing, globus hystericus)

  • Learning Difficulties (ADHD, Down's Syndrome)

  • Memory (retrograde and anterograde amnesia, lost possessions)

  • Mood (depression, grief, misery)

  • Pain (muscular, skeletal, central nervous system, childbirth)

  • Phobias (flight, heights, sleep, death, disease, injections, frogs, cotton wool)

  • Sexual Issues (erectile dysfunction, vaginissmus, nymphomania, erotomania)

  • Skin Conditions (eczema, psoriasis, hyper-hydrosis)

  • Sleep Disturbances (insomnia, nightmares, enuresis)


Mostly, people want to be happy. Usually people say they want to solve a problem because "then I'll be happy". Happy people don't seek therapy, let alone clinical hypnotism. They are happy with themselves just the way they are. Hooray!

I attended a patient in hospital once. Across the foot of his medical notes someone had written TEETH. Not having been aware that there was also a dental issue I asked the consultant to what this referred. "Oh! That's why your here," he said. "Tried Everything Else ... Try Hypnotism."

Clinical Hypnotism is often a treatment of last resort. When I ask "why have you called me?" the answer is often "I'm desperate." The brain has a fantastic ability to look after itself and the rest of the body. It does this particularly well when the conscious mind is more or less shut down and the subconscious can get on with the work. Why else do we so often say "I'll feel better after a good night's sleep" and then find that indeed we do? The fact that it works a little more efficiently when carefully guided should not be surprising.


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