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Kind Words - Mar '24

"I do have a pain management team but I found your stuff far far more supportive!"

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(Alexa patient)

Hypno Jargon

Analysis: Attempting to find the root cause of the problem.

Assumed Suggestion: "As we both know your nail-biting days are over lets work on something else." (This assumes something's been done before to stop the nail-biting when, in fact, it hasn't.)

Client: One who pays for treatment. (Thus when treating a child the child is a patient but the parent is the client.)

Conscious Mind: Moment by moment awareness.

Deepening: Making a state of trance or hypnosis more profound.

Direct Suggestion: “You value your fingernails and let them grow beautifully.”

Ego-Boosting: “You feel strong, positive and optimistic.”

Egression: Moving a person away from the present, either forwards or backwards in time.

Esdaile State, The: An hypnotic state in which the patient will not mind if you cut their arm off without anaesthetic.

Guide: Hypnotist

Hypnosis: A particular type of trance brought about by hypnotism

Hypnotee: Any person being hypnotised by a hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy: Psychotherapy done via a state of trance or hypnosis.

Hypnotism: The consensual management of a third person’s capacity for deductive reasoning.

Hypnotist: A person who does hypnotism.

Ideomotor Responses (IMRs): A means of communication with the hypnotee's subconscious mind utilizing somatic movements (usually fingers and thumbs) to indicate 'yes' and 'no'.

Ideomotor Talk (IMT): When IMRs are not enough and the hypnotist gets the hypnotee's subconscious mind to talk.

Indirect Suggestion: “I wonder whether you will stop biting your nails today or tomorrow.”

Induction: Causing a third party to enter a state of hypnosis.

Mind: An emergent property of a functioning brain, just as atmosphere is an emergent property of a crowd.

Parts: Different aspects of a personality or identity having particular motivations and behaviours.

Past Life Tourism: Regression to a past life just to see what it was rather than for therapeutic purposes.

Patient: One who is being treated. (Thus when treating a child the child is a patient but the parent is the client.)

Post Hypnosis Command: A suggestion for altered behaviour which has it’s effect beyond the therapeutic session (more commonly called a post hypnotic suggestion).

Progression: An egression into a future life.

Pseudo Orientation in Time: An egression, moving a hypnotee forward in time, in this life.

Rapport: The connection necessary for a hypnotist to work with a hypnotee.

Reasoning, Deductive: Deconstructing the big picture into component elements.

Reasoning, Inductive: Assembling the big picture from collected data.

Regression, Age: Taking a patient back in this life, usually to find the cause of a problem

Regression, Past Life: Taking a patient back to a previous life, usually to find the cause of a problem.

Relaxation: A means of encouraging trance; it is not hypnotism.

Relaxotherapy: Relaxation and psychotherapy-lite (often passed-off as hypnotherapy by therapists who believe relaxtion to be a common state which people enter spontaneously several times a day in which they are always in control and cannot be made to do anything they wouldn't otherwise do, thus proving they know nothing about hypnotism or hypnosis).

Selective Thinking: A stage beyond trance where the hypnotee accepts the suggestions of the hypnotist as part of their reality.

Somnambulism: A state the hypnotee is said to be in when selective thinking has been established.

Subc: Frequently used abbreviation for the subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind: The product of brain activity which lies beyond conscious awareness and informs behaviours and emotions.

Subject: Hypnotee.

Suggestion: An instruction, order or command given by the hypnotist to the hypnotee. The word itself suggests there is an optional quality to it, which is misleading. It's not an idea you can take or leave. It's an order.

Trance: An altered state of consciousness including meditation, day-dreaming, 'highway-trance' and hypnosis.

Unconscious Mind: The bit that keeps your organs functioning when you have been knocked out, a.k.a. the autonomic nervous system.

Unduction: Bringing a third party out of a state of hypnosis.


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